Understanding the Green personality and emotional stress

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The Green personality and emotional stress

The Green temperament is not easily stressed out. Remember, this is the cool as a cucumber personality.  I would say one likely has to work very hard to really get them discombobulated, but it is possible.  The True Colors Green temperament is represented in Myers-Briggs as  ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, or the INTP.

If you’re just landing on Think Blink Learn, allow me to give you some background. In a previous post, I build the case for learning about personality research. This quote explains it all;

Read the complete doc titled “How can I get along better with othershere.  Be sure to pin it so you can check it often.

Anyway, understanding our strengths is an imperative idea toward helping us be better and serve the world with our natural gifts.  However, it’s also a good idea to understand our most common stress points and those of others as well. This valuable information helps us minimize nagging stress in our lives and help us not generate it in the lives of others. In my opinion, anyone with a heartbeat needs to understand personality research to some degree.

Before we hit the stress points for the Green personality… 

In just a bit, I’ll take a deep dive into what really bugs this temperament. First, let’s learn what they are like at their best. The Green temperament or ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ INTP needs to feel competent above just about anything else. For them, all meaningful and worthwhile roads lead to proficiency and mastery.

I could easily sum this post up and assert this temperament is bugged most when anyone or anything prohibits them from conquering a system (being competent) or mastering a strategy. Anything that does either will definitely cause the Green personality emotional stress. Does this sound like anyone you know? Does it sound like you?

Distractions and Disturbances

You want them to shut you out, both literally and figuratively? Find illogical ways to interfere with their program. I’m being sarcastic, but what I’m really saying is: don’t do it. Instead give them the freedom to figure things out, supply the resource they need and get out of their way.

This may be why working independently usually works best for them.  The needs of others to talk unnecessarily or worry about details only serves to frustrate them. So,  working autonomously brings this temperament the most joy.

Don’t get me wrong.  They can work as part of a team too. Can is the ability to do and they can do it. But working alone gives the intellectual “wiggle room” to really solve problems without interruption or interference. They like that most of the time.

Check out the INTJ and Emotions

After they have discussed something or issued a directive, the thrill of the chill is gone. They are always ready to move on to the “next” thing or topic.


Because they are among the most creative of temperaments, Greens need the freedom to create on their own terms.

In my opinion, this temperament can come up with a multitude of possibilities when given the room to brainstorm and discover new things. Think of a scientist (which most Green temperaments may be), they need to be able to test, problem-solve, try new things, and examine all avenues before they come to a conclusion.  

Putting unnecessary limits on them does more than irritate them. Irritation convolutes progress. Their personality spectrum ranges from being quiet, introverts to unyielding outspoken skeptics.

Since they are data-driven, they abhor being in the “dark” to any degree. They will often fire a thousand, seemingly innocuous, questions during any conversation.

“What color was it?”

“Where did it happen?”

“Who was there?”

“What did he say?”

“What happened next?”

The data they accumulate is immediately processed in the systems of their minds and calculated for worth, validity, relevance, and accuracy. Want to drive them crazy? Leave out tons of details. I must admit, I sometimes do it just to bug my Green INTJ husband. Sorry, but, it’s true.

These folks are “get to the point” type personalities. Save all the sugary words and tell them what is going on. The Blue temperament is incessant communicators and may choose words that cater to emotional responses. The Green temperament has no time for that; they want you to get to the point and move on so they can commence solving the next problem.

People who do not listen/learn…that’ll bug ’em.

As a trainer, it blows my mind how much I see the term “stupid people” or “dumb people” during debrief or sharing sessions with groups of Green.  People with the MBTI of ISFP likely feel a little bad saying it, but they wholeheartedly dislike people who do not value knowledge. People who do not take advice often fall into this same category as do people who don’t learn from their mistakes.

The Green temperament reaction can often be missed in my opinion. It can be subtle.

So, are you a Green temperament with either an MBTI type of either ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, INTP?

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