Is your personality adventurous?

Is your personality adventurous?

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Is your personality adventurous?
Let me tell you what’s up with the Orange Temperament.

Is your personality adventurous? If so, you’ll relate to this post. If not, I’ll bet you know someone with this wild, free- flowing temperament This post may give you added insight into how to connect with them better.

If you’re not sure what I am talking about, read my post about personalities.

The Orange temperament (in regard to #personalitytypes) tends to be quite flexible, easy-going and naturally open to change. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with that kind of homey, right?

Oranges are a ton of fun most of the time, but other personality types might be prone to ask: What’s up with the Orange Temperament? 

Oranges (people, not fruit) don’t get bogged down with the struggles and doldrums of life. Don’t get me wrong, they have struggles; they just won’t let them hinder what’s at hand. The phrase “keep it moving” was possibly coined by a person with the Orange temperament. They will ponder problems long enough to find a reasonable solution, then they are all about solving it.  The pathway they select may be as simple as walking away  or just putting it out of mind. Oranges have learned what many of us need to learn – most things in life will work themselves out.

Let’s be clear. The Orange True Colors temperament [at it’s best] is not a flaky, cold-hearted “flight risk”. They just have a gift of moving past bad situations and getting on with the fun of life. Does this sound like you? Or like someone you know?

For the fun of it, I’ll switch tone now and talk directly to you Oranges.

First of all, you’re the consummate multi-tasker. Doing a million things at once comes naturally to you. Sometimes, that can get you in a world of trouble because you take on entirely too much. There are only 24 hours in day. This means you may experience burn out or even drop a few “balls” along the way. But, that’s okay, because you’re a natural problem-solver, so you figure out a way to make it all work out end the end. In fact, you likely move so fast most people don’t even know the ball was dropped in the first place.

Q. What’s up with the Orange Temperament?

A. Never a dull moment.
Your spontaneity keeps everyone guessing. You will take on new roles and try new things on a dime. People love to inquire about your latest projects, your love life or your career because they know they will not be bored in any sense of the word. You’re interesting…naturally.  People love a chat with you, but other areas of your habits might cause some conflict.

Here’s a tip: work on your patience. Everybody cannot handle your fast-thinking, manic pace. So, slow your roll and allow folks to set their own grind.

Allow the Green people to think, the Gold people to structure things and the Blue people to be creative. Being around these other personalities is actually very good for you. You’re prone to begin lots of things but finish very few. These other folks may irritate you, but they will also temper you a bit. Make sense?

Are you an adventurous person?

Boundaries. What boundaries?
Testing boundaries is almost fodder for you. Being told “no” may only prompt you to push harder and harder until you get what you want. Your inborn need for creativity, excitement and winning takes precedence over boring systems and structures most of the time. For example, I’ll bet the speed limit isn’t much of a limit for most Oranges. It’s more of a guideline. 🙂

Anyway, you’ll chuck most rules in a heartbeat in order to get stuff done.  This makes you a great leader.

Did you know research says you are naturally a very physical person that enjoys movement? It’s no wonder because you disdain “sameness”. Being still may be boring to you. . Again, you like to ‘keep it moving’… literally, I suppose.

Don’t be hard on yourself because you get bored with the routines of life. You bring the variety and unpredictability all relationships need. Reel it in when necessary, but for the most part continue being 100% yourself.

Let me end this post by saying no one color is better than the other. We’re just all different. Embrace your differentness. Wow, that’s a word? No, well I made it one. I sound like I would answer the question:
is your personality adventurous?” with a hearty YES!, doesn’t it?

Feature photo by Leio McLaren.
Photo by: Isaiah McClean

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