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You’re too sensitive – Blue Personality Description

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“You’re too sensitive” they say. I say you’ll likely find yourself in the Blue Personality Description.

Have you ever heard that?  If so, it could be because your primary True Colors temperament is Blue. As I mentioned in my previous post, people with the Blue temperament are very in -tuned with their feelings and the feelings of others.  They are just born that way. Maybe you’re too sensitive, or maybe it’s part of an emotional competency. Let’s talk about the personality trait and discuss ways to balance it with the other parts of yourself.

With a core value of authenticity, they need people to bring their whole selves to relationships. They want you to trust them to be “real”.

The same is true (to some degree) in professional settings. This temperament will likely not trust anyone who camouflage their emotions or doesn’t value the feelings of people.

“I don’t trust a man that doesn’t cry”. This is one of my favorite movie quotes of all times. Do you know which comedy this line is from?

It’s not that Blue people want folks crying all the time or wailing in misery when their day goes south. No. But, they don’t want robotic, hidden agendas either. They want people to be themselves – warts and all. Does this sound like you? Yeah? Then, I’ll bet you’re true Blue.

You’re too sensitive, they say. Have you ever heard that? If so, you might a Blue in True Colors research. If you are naturally empathetic, emotional and communicative, you are. Read this post to learn more and learn some new tips.

Blues thrive on communication – all forms.

Verbal communication is fine, but you can read through the lines and see what people are really telling you. If a person makes a statement, but their eyes don’t seem to align with it, you’re done. You can spot insincerity a mile away. You’ve likely said “I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s not right with him/her.” or a statement similar. You have a gut response that usually turns out to be right.

Research tells us you are quite spiritual and value being able to connect to something bigger than yourself. This may be why you have a strong sense of purpose and want to maximize your time on earth. You want your time here to mean something; to help others or to make the world a better place.

In groups you’re the chief cheerleader and motivator! You’re see the potential in others and are enthusiastic about their future. You are likely the first one saying “you can do it!” or “I’ve got your back”. You’re temperament makes you a good friend.  People are glad they know you.


 “You’re too sensitive”

Sometimes you can be governed by your sentiments a little too much. Incorporate balance so you’re not overly emotive.  That can be a turnoff for some. Govern your responses to match the setting and the situation – as much as you’re able.  Somethings are not your problem. They are not for your take personally.
The Blue temperament

Since you’re in such good touch with your feelings (and those of others), you can easily fall into moods. Sometimes these moods can turn into depression if you over-personalize what’s happening around you (or to you).   A lot of Blues journal and blog for this very reason because it helps them sift through their emotions.  You may also find you need to decompress when you feel overwhelmed by negative people. You may seek out a meaningful, inspirational movie, a spiritual experience or even some journal time to get your spirits up.

Remember, everyone doesn’t share your ability to process their emotions. This means you must be patient with that mate who really “doesn’t want to talk about” their feelings at a particular time. People that “clam up” on you stress you out a bit, but give them a little space. Don’t let them manipulate you with need to reconcile conflicts. Just give them time and accept that some people will never “let you in” or explain how they really feel.

Another suggestion is to allow them to communicate with you in whatever way is comfortable for them. Green temperaments may want to text or write a letter to express their feelings. A Gold person might say “This is not the place to discuss this” and need to find a more appropriate venue. Whatever their reason, relax and allow them to do whatever works for them.

In groups, you tend to be cooperative and enjoy working as a team. Again, you’re likely the easy going person cheering everyone else on. These are strengths that accompany any weakness you may discover. So, the next time someone says “You’re too sensitive”, tell them that’s part of what makes me wonderfully me.

Does this sound like you?


Photos by Ben White and Pablo Varela


  1. This article gave some great insight into how to deal with others who you are not on the same page emotionally with! I am looking forward to reading some more of your posts 🙂

    1. Cool! You’re spectrum is likely the same. Temperament is framed in the crib. However, we play up different parts of ourselves depending on where we are in life. PLUS… I think we shine brighter the older we get. 😁. Thanks for commenting!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! Hit it on the head. I am definitely a Blue person. I am pretty intuned about reading people. I am not huge on communication because I don’t like confrontation and my emotions tend to run rampant during deep conversations. But I do value openness and honesty. Also, I do suffer from depression and a lot of it stems from taking things too personally.

    I used to write poetry and keep a journal but fell out of the routine. Three months ago I started blogging. I was super scared because I’m “too sensitive”. But it is turning out to be a great creative and emotional outlet for me. Awesome post. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Super cool, Kailia! Temperament research says Blue temperament is awesome at channeling motions into poetry. I’ll be the best poets were Blues.:) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I commented on the gold post, but I definitely am a blue. Not sure about the poetry part, but just about everything else fits. Does photography count?

    1. Sure. Blues are very creative beings. Also, you’re likely a Blue/Gold or Gold/Blue. All of these are part of your temperament, but you have two primary colors that guide your interactions. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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