Television meets Personality Research in Bull

Television meets Personality Research in Bull

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I’m so excited television met personality research in Bull!

Ya know, generally speaking I’m not a big TV person.  I think it’s because most shows are typically so  one-dimensional they insult my intelligence or assault my moral compass. But OMG! I happened upon an hour-long drama called Bull (click here to learn more). It’s so much different from the others. This CBS show delivers the mental and emotional workout I need in all my entertainment. I seriously cannot stomach dumb stuff.

Bull touches on all the things that fascinate me most and marries each one of them with a dramatic, heart-pounding plot. In particular, I love the way it weaves concepts of personality, temperament and human behavior into ordinary real life scenarios. For me, this show is a weekly experience in True Colors (color personality test), Myers-Briggs and DISC all rolled up into one.

Here’s how it usually plays out.

This cutie patootie named Dr. Jason Bull (love that name) is a psychologist whose expertise is in behavioral sciences. Folks hire him either because they want to win a legal case or because they would rather spend the rest of their lives outside a penal institution.  Either way, every episode a lot is always at stake.

Television meets Personality Research in Bull

Bull (played by Brian Weathersby) never fails to herald his own brand of brilliance each week for the common good. Making him further lovable is his good old fashion conscious and tender heart.

A human lie detector, Bull can spot a liar in a nanosecond simply by observing reactions and body language including which direction their feet are pointing – and even by watching their eye blinking patterns. Coolest. Show. Ever!

He doesn’t perform all this delightful magic alone.  No way!  He has an eclectic cast of characters engaged in everything from masquerading around as other folks to conducting interviews to ….anything else required to give the client the upper hand and secure yet another victory.

My fav character on Bull’s team is the chic Marissa (portrayed by Geneva Carr). TVGuide.Com describes her as a neurolinguistics expert and something spicy just might be going on between her and Bull. Each episode, she monitors juror’s reactions during trials so Bull knows exactly who is being convinced and who isn’t. She uses some kind of technology with green and red lights. It bugs me that I don’t really understand how the equipment and process works, but I will. May have to binge watch earlier episodes to get it.

Anyway, when not in the courtroom, Bull and his team gets all this done from a sleek, posh New York office or “bat cave” chocked full of all kinds of cool tech.

Ok, that’s the outline of Bull.  Now, about the personality intrigue that keeps me coming back.

Jury Selection and Personality Research in Bull

As I mentioned, the personality dynamic occurs in every episode – especially during the pre-trail jury selection called voir dier.  Before this stage happens, Bull has already created a profile of the ideal juror. It could be someone who is cognitive, organized, bleeding-heart or free-thinking or a combo of the two. Remember, Bull’s clients want to win so they need a jury that will give them the best odds. During selection time, Marissa is hot in Bull’s ear supplying juicy details about the each juror’s job, personality and life history.

As the actual attorney interviews each probable juror, he/she will discreetly glance over to Bull who gives a cryptic (sometimes hilarious) indication as to whether the juror is desirable or should be chucked. Do you see the temperament or personality references in this TV show?

I hope to use this scene in a classroom or training settings soon. In it, Bull wants an analytical thinker (Green – color personality or Choleric ) who is able to separate emotion from logic.

Did you see it?  Regimented thinker??? Green – all day!  Choleric all day!

Some press says Bull is based on Dr. Phil McGraw’s job before he became the television powerhouse he is today.  If so, no wonder Oprah hired him.

Personality Research meets Life – mine, yours and Bull’s

As you know, we are made up of so much more than meets the eye. Every part of our nature drives our existence. Inside us is a cadre of experiences, hidden messages and core values. Each one working together influencing how we live our lives. Personality and temperament is a wonderful tool to help us maximize strengths and manage weaknesses.  I love how Bull uses it to reach desired outcomes in the court system. I haven’t used this information that way, but one day, I’ll share how I used it to select my husband. 🙂

I do hope you’ll catch Bull on Tuesdays at 8/9p CBS.  I’ll likely be tweeting about it from @GirlThriving. Please please please pray that CBS doesn’t get rid of it and put something stupid in its place. 🙂 Right now, they’ve got my attention every Tuesday!

Pseudo-intellectuals  like me want to watch television too.

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  1. He is a cutie-patootie! Definitely a different character than he played in NCIS (I am a BIG tv person. lol), but it’s so good. I definitely find the “human lie detector” concept really interesting too 🙂

    1. You don’t know this, but you just saw that argument I had with a friend. I told her that this was his breakout role. She swore up-and-down that he was in NCIS. I guess I should’ve googled a bit more before stating that position. LOL AnyWho, thank you for visiting. 🙂

    1. It’s on in the uk already. I think it’s on channel 5. Michael Weatherly was amazing in NCIS and he is fab in this too but such a different character. I wasn’t sure I’d like Bull but it’s really good! I’m not sure who Brian Weathersby is though.

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