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True Colors trainer on the web

Congratulations!  You’ve found the most popular True Colors trainer in Kansas City!  I have been a popular training consultant for years.

Now, I’m aiming to be most popular True Colors trainer on the web! Wish me luck. 🙂  Truthfully, I over-simplify. Let me explain.

My Life Mission

My life’s passion is to equip myself and others to enjoy fulfilling and effective interpersonal interactions.  Until now, I’ve done this by offering various training modules in my area of the country.   But, that’s not enough. I’m a life-long learner and I need an outlet to share what I learn. This blog is a new medium to fulfill that mission. In advance, I apologize for the typos that will definitely creep onto That’s is actually an un-mastered part of my personality. Once you’ve hung out with me here a while, tell me what temperament you think I am. ((Literally LOL))

About Me

I’m just a wife, mom and consultant who has worked very hard to establish a reputation for being a competent and skilled trainer in face-to-face settings. My analytical, warm temperament drives me to help others while figuring out how to help us all become effective and fulfilled.

Here on Think Blink Learn.Com I’ll blog insightful articles and share useful resources to help you (and me) be the version of ourselves possible.

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