Gold personality description

Gold personality description

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The Gold personality description includes words
like accountability, honesty and tradition.

Ever heard the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?  I’d bet you my very last five dollars a person with the Gold True Colors temperament thought of it. The Gold personality description wouldn’t be complete without words like concrete, organized, responsible. These are just a few characteristics I’ll include in this Gold personality description.

Dependability and excellence drive this personality. If something was good enough to stand the test of time, then it’s good enough for today. Golds see absolutely no value in change for the sake of change. The tried and true should stand as it is. If something worked very well, why in the world would someone “mess” with it or attempt to innovate it? It works. Leave it alone or suffer the wrath of the Golds (get it?)

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If it is you, you’re likely a consistent, well-grounded person and you pride yourself in the fact that others can rely on you.

Criticism and the Gold Temperament

Every one know you mean well. You freely offer criticism and advice to make things better and more efficient. Appropriateness rings through to your very core. Offending people is not your motive when offering feedback or opinions. But, you likely do.  All you’re trying to do is to help people be their best. You thrive on this sort of excellence. The Gold personality is all about treating people courteously but not at the sake of compromising quality.

You can fix it…really.

When you see life, you see a world of instability.  Your natural gift to see the “cracks” creates a position for you to be of service and help.  This is perfect of you!  Those Gold “muscles” are amazing at organizing how things should occur chronologically. You have a laser-focus toward seeing priorities. That’s why you’re an excellent list maker.

Those lists keep you on track and help you focus on what needs the most attention first.   You may also be one of those gifted people who can see chaos – literal chaos – in a car, closet or cupboard and instantly know where things should go to maximize the space. You have a strong spatial intelligence built  right into your personality. Cool, huh?

You are an AMAZING leader! At times, they may call you bossy, but you’re just getting things done.

Description of the gold personality description
Good as Gold! That’s what you are!


Just like the Blue Temperament, you’re likely to be overloaded by others. Your respectful, polite nature and eagerness to help makes saying “no” very difficult. Since people know they can depend on you,  they continually turn to you time and time again. You always agree to help. Sometimes, it can be just too much.

I have lots of Gold friends. I so admire their skill to bring order. Full disclosure: they were the first people invited to my “get togethers” because I knew they would help me clean up afterward. The did not wait for me to even ask for help – they would just start doing it.

Now, I had to catch myself and stop that lazy pathology.  I even told one friend “Debra, please don’t clean up during the movie night. It makes me feel bad”. It really did because I was taking advantage of her Gold willingness.  To this day, she doesn’t listen and does cleans up anyway. Oh well. 🙂  At least I know I’m not taking advantage of her. I appreciate her too much for that.

Or my bestie, Cheryle. She keeps me so organized. She has for years. When I’m about to go nuts, she methodically asks questions that help me think through this intelligently.

Let’s talk about relationships

In relationships, be careful of that “fix it” mode and giving too much advice.  You’re likely very good at so many things and that can be intimidating.  So, be a little tentative with your friends and family. Share your feedback but learn active listening techniques and “sandwich” praise between critiques.  You’re a stellar friend and you should be heard, just make sure you are gentle with feedback.

Consider writing your evaluations/criticism in your calendar several days (or weeks) apart so don’t overwhelm people. If you say too much too often, it can seem negative or mean.  People who really know you understand you’re not. They know you’re just being helpful. Package it that way and let the positive outweigh the negative.

You’re a valuable part of a work team, social circle and family. You bring the stability we all need to improve and learn to be better. Never change.

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  1. Very interesting. When you got to the part about cleaning up after other people’s parties it hit me. OMG! This is me. I also have to worry about the way I say things a lot of times too. Sometimes it can be to blunt when I absolutely don’t mean it that way.

  2. This post led me to your previous post on Blue. I had never heard of the true colors personality test and took a “quick version” online – I’m definitely a blue. It’s fascinating. I am so sensitive I can sometimes get totally overwhelmed. (I don’t use poetry as an outlet, but I have blogged for nearly nine years.)

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