Blogging for different personalities

Blogging for different personalities

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Blogging for different personalities…

If you’re a blogger you want to reach more people with your work, right? Sure you do. Great news! I’ve got a technique that may help you. I’m not talking about SEO or blog promotion as much as I am about writing content that appeals to an assortment of people – based on four personalities. You see, each personality has specific ways they prefer to receive information. Why not adapt your writing content to meet those needs?

If you’re not a blogger, ask yourself “how can I use this in other interactions?”

Think parenting, planning meetings, email communications, relationships, etc. 

Blogging (or writing, in general) for different personalities requires a wee-bit of planning, but not much. The end result is engaging content that is easier for your visitors to read. Yay, right? The benefits outweigh the little planning and fore thought.

Before I go on…

First, please don’t accuse me of “boxing” people in with personality research. I’m not.  What I am doing is shining light on natural tendencies and inclinations we are all born with.

Using them to our advantage in every life situation is just good sense. It can help remove barriers to relationships both in real life and online too.

People learn differently and see life through different lenses.

You probably heard of the three learning styles and understand people learn in different ways. That research is incredibly useful when teaching a class or if you’re a professional training facilitator like me. Not all people are the same and we cannot teach as if they were.

What’s different about blogging? Not much! Blogging is simply teaching in a non-traditional format. You work hard to deliver information on your blog.  With precision crafting, you sit at that laptop or computer and organize each thought to teach new things, inspire people or to make them smile.  Why not leverage this research to make it easier for your “learners” to receive what you have labored to deliver?  Have I convinced you?

The Four Personalities and Blogging for Each

Blogging for personality #1: “I naturally care about others”

This is what Carl Jung called the “feeling” temperament. In True Colors, it’s “Blue”, in MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) it’s ENFJ, ENFP, INFJ or INFP.  David Keirsey calls it the Idealist.

When this personality type reads your blog, they want to know how they can use your information to motivate, inspire and help themselves and others. They also want to connect with you as a real, human person and not just a bunch of words on a screen. Remember, this is the relational temperament. Talk directly to them, share pictures that evoke emotion and in each post tell them a little about yourself. This temperament is the most likely to engage with you and respond back to your questions. And ask lots of them! It gives your posts the conversational “feel” this temperament loves.

Blogging for personality #2:  “I love organized stuff” temperament

Jung would say this person is the Sensor. True Colors would call them Gold. MBTI breaks them down as either ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ or ISFJ. The Guardian is what Keirsey brands it in his research.

This temperament likes things done correctly and accurately. They hate raggedy…anything. To hold their interest, structure your blog and your posts in clear, coherent ways. After you write your posts, scribble an outline of it to verify it actually makes sense. In sharing advice, try to reference tried and true processes and sources. Doing so appeals to this “preserver” temperament. Remember this: if things worked for most people in the past, this temperament is more likely to find value in it. Also, consider supplying lots of testimonials and reputable sources to prove validity of any data.

Begin blogging for different personalities

Blogging for personality # 3: “I’m the analytical person and will likely criticize your writing”

Jung considers the Thinker what True Colors would call a Green and MBTI would assess as ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ or INTP.

These logicians love to ponder, evaluate and think. Of the four personalities, this reader will most appreciate all the hard work you’ve invested into researching the topic. However, with the sweet also comes the bitter: be prepared because this reader will likely approach your blog questioning your authority and ability to write the subject.

That’s okay!

A well-written, correctly cited blog speaks for itself. With this in mind “come out of the gate” with a strong thesis sentence (what you’re writing about) and build your post from there. Stats also win big with this personality. Pulled from a great source, statistics can build a case for your content. Find them on sites ending in .edu and you’ll likely find more credible resources.

Blogging for personality #4: “It had better be quick, to the point and entertaining…or I’m outta here”

This reader is something of an action-oriented fun seeker, so your blog had better be a blast to read. If your posts are long for no good reason, say “bye bye” to this temperament.  Have you ever visited a blog with humongous blocks of text? Oh. My. Goodness!  It’s like my eyes get lost in the patterns the words make on the screen. Break it up.

Most people do not visit blogs for long, wordy posts. Most of them are trying to grab their info and move on to the next site. This temperament is no different.  Help them out a little and organize the posts into easy-to-read skim-able formats. Think bullet points, when possible. Don’t forget lots of bright, clear colorful pictures and embedded videos. These are excellent learning tools and can sometimes convey information better than words can.

In real life, this temperament is usually very kinesthetic and likes to learn by doing. Blogging sort of works against kinesthetic learners, but you can strive to make each post as multi-faceted as you can with – live feeds, hash tags, pics depicting movement/speed, colors and even games between posts.

It may take practice, but blogging for different personalities is really easy to do. It will also yield benefits you’ll see in your stats tracker.

What do you think?

Is blogging for personalities a good idea for you?

Are you already doing it?
Blogging for different personalities


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