accused of being overly analytical

Accused of being overly-analytical

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“I’ve been accused of being overly-analytical!” said a Green friend of mine.

“Then she said “They called me anti-social… ME??!!!”

She was livid. I just took a sip of my coffee and looked away as she went on to ponder their upbringing, the part of country they hailed from and whether they were nursed as infants.

She’s taken the True Colors assessment and it is certain: she’s Green all day long and yes, a little anti-social at times. But, not in the “I don’t like people” way. She also think a little more than the average person (i.e she over-analyzes). Do you know someone like that? Or has anyone ever said  to you  “you think too much”? If so, you’ve likely also been accused of being analytical at one time or another. I’ll be you’re a Green!

It may annoy some people, but it’s fun for you to ponder the complexities of life. Whenever you interact with others – whether in a social or professional setting -at some point you’re going to ask them “why?”  Your “need to know” has been part of your personality for years and years.  It’s part of who you are.  You’ve been a “people-studier” as long as you can remember and those closest to you know it and have (hopefully) accepted it.

You’re gifted to see past emotion, irrelevance and get to the real heart of situations. With this, I’ll bet you always find yourself mentally de-constructing problems to identify core issues or causes. This is why you could be bugged by narrow-minded shallow thinkers at work or in your social circles.

The conversations you find most intriguing lean toward the cognitive, historical and intellectual. There are not a lot people who share your temperament, so you may opt to be alone rather than deal with mindless chatter. Some might label that “anti-social.
The Green personality

Greens, like you, think on a conceptual, “big picture” level; you may expect others to as well. If they don’t, you might get quickly bored and move on to another conversation. But, try to be patient. Remember, this is your primary gift and not everyone has it.  Perhaps, you can help them develop it.

You’re an Innovator

Research says among your core values are innovation, ingenuity, reasoning and diagnosing.

It’s no wonder you share the Orange temperament’s love of change.  However, you like it for a completely different reason. Change for you must be wrapped in innovation and distinct purpose. Change, in your mind, occurs to make things better for the system. It must make sense.  It must bring improvement. Once the problem is solved, you’re done and ready to move on to the next challenge. Am I right? Sound like you or someone you know?

Don’t let your knack for problem-solving be misinterpreted as incessant fault-finding. Greens always want to be better, they want everything else to be better, so they pick and pick at issues just for the heck of it. Usually, the situations are just fine and nothing more need be said or done, but they are compelled to interject something. I know someone like that. It’s her way of being part of the process.  The situation could be 100% settled, but trust me, she will have something to say. She’s very Green and I’ve come to accept that about her.  Like her, you likely intend your critiques to be “helpful”.  Still, some people may feel nothing is good enough for you and just stop trying. This often happens to children with Green parents.

You’re a great friend because you care very deeply and can offer terrific perspectives on all sorts of issues. Coaching comes naturally for you, but it’s all in the way you structure it.  Maybe start with the strengths (or positives) then “pave the way” for your advice. If you want to make a suggestion, make sure it is relevant and necessary.  Don’t chime in just because you’re smart and know a lot of data.

You’re Friendly, Green Temperament! 

Back to the anti-social. Greens sometimes get a bad rap for being unsocial. Have you ever been accused of that too? Significant others and mates can often be the accusers.  They may pressure you to engage in more social activities than you’d like.  You might rather have nails driven through your forehead.  It’s your need for space and independence that leads people to think you’re “distant” or “cool” toward others. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Research says you feel very deep feelings. I think the saying “still waters run deep” refers to your temperament. It’s just that your complexity often makes it difficult to fit into groups. You’re the consummate non-conformist. That’s why you’re thrilled when they meet other people who are genuinely interested in their thoughts and really appreciate the knowledge they have acquired.

I’m married to a Green guy. He loves nothing more than sharing facts about history, theology, politics and such. He’s a thinker.  Sometimes on the interior, my eyes are rolling in the back of my head, but I love to let him just talk and spill all the data burning through his brain. It’s fun for him and I almost always learn something I didn’t know before.

So, you’ve been accused of being analytical. That’s a great strength – if you balance it with the other elements of your personality, you’re going to be fine. Embrace your cognitive fervor.  Play up the other parts of your personality.

Don’t worry if people don’t “get” you. In the end, they’ll be back  because they will need you to answer some sort of question or solve a problem in the future.




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