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What’s your personality type – 4 color personality test

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What’s your personality type – Free True Colors
assessment and taking the 4 color personality test

Welcome to a free True Colors personality assessment. Complete True Colors personality tests assess your preferences to discover your 4 color personality type.

If you’re reading my blog posts – and my stats confirm many are- you may be asking: what color am I?  Lots of personality tests are out there these days. Some of them look like someone created them in their garage while under the influence of something. The best one is the 4 color personality test that reveals your True Colors spectrum of Green, Blue, Gold and Orange.

4 color personality test true colors

Don’t trust just any personality test. 

Few of them embody the yeas of research and hard work involved in creating True Colors.  Starting with True Colors International on the west coast is the only way to get an accurate, easy-to-understand process. Don Lowry created it in the eighties.

My beginning with True Colors and my understanding of personality types

I was certified in True Colors personality type indicator back in year 2000 in Kansas City, Missouri. The lively, colorful workshop was an inspirational, multi-sensory experience. The colors Blue, Gold, Green and Orange were everywhere!  So cool.

Two married Ph.Ds taught my class to train wannabe facilitators like me. At the time, this concept of personality colors was so new and exciting. Everyone was sick of Myers-Briggs and not being able to remember their letters. One of the master trainers was named Dr. Bruce and I can’t remember his wife’s name, but she was awesome at implementing the 4 color personality test and explaining each color. Bruce was too.

Understanding personality types change how I do almost everything!

True Colors has been one of the most useful resources in my life as it pertains to building/sustaining relationships. It also reaffirms my sense of self-esteem because it helps me be ever aware of my own personal strengths while at the same time managing my many weaknesses.

You see personalities and temperaments in all walks of life., but especially in entertainment. No story would have a solid plot without a variety of personalities. My favorite sitcom (today, it could change) is Bull and how they use personality research.

My version of True Colors personality assessment is simple and is a partial assessment. Yet, it’s a great starting place to answer the question: what is my personality type.

Before you take this test, remember this is a tool for understanding yourself better. You are so much bigger than a body of research. That’s why you do not fit into any one personality profile perfectly. Just use this as a tool to be a better you – no boxes, ok?

Take the real colors personality test now:

Before you embark on this True Colors exercise, please do it this way:

  1. Look at the word clusters from left to right – by rows. Do not take it viewing the cluster from up to down (i.e. by columns).
  2. Rank each cluster from “4” representing “most like you” all the way down to “1” being least like you.
  3. Each line should have a “1”, a “2”, etc.
  4. Total each column. The highest number will be your True Color.

Again, this is a partial assessment. Watch for one of my online True Colors workshop sessions, register and you will receive a complete printable True Colors test or assessment.

Download the 4 color True Colors assessment here.

One more time: a 4 color personality test is a great starting point for confirming what you think -your color might be.  After you take this free True Colors mini-assessment, read my document explaining all 4 colors:

You can also click through my past posts to see if the descriptions coincide with the “real” you. Comment and let me know if it does.  If it doesn’t, no problem.  I’ll still love ya. 🙂 That’s so Blue of me, isn’t it?

what color am I the 4 personality types
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and Leia Mendes Cook.


  1. Green! This is really interesting by the way. Wonder what the full scale version would reveal since you say this is not the whole deal. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Mine is orange! this is such a cool test! really interesting, I am pretty easy going and flexible… I have to share this with my friends!

  3. Right, I’m away to sit with a cuppa tea to take this test. Your blogs quite interred actually as I’ve never seen a post like this. I won’t lie, I’m 100% guilty of loving tests like these!! X

    Sophie |

  4. One of my blog clients is a DISC trainer who teaches people in corporations. I run her webinars and other work. They’re all so interesting and make a huge difference in how to communicate with others.

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